Basic Profile:

Name: Beshine
Gender: Female


Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Height: 168 cm
Ethnicity: German


Place: At home with the family.
Things to do: Physical exercises, walking tours, cooking, reading, playing flute...
Food: Healthy unprocessed regional food.
Drink: Water and tea.
Music: Ballads, classic, flute music


Food: Industrially produced food, convenience food, sugar.
Drinks: Energy drinks, soft drinks, alcohol

Other Details:

Animals: Native animals.
Hobbies: Excursions and walks in the nature, cooking, handwork.
Personality: Honest, faithful, patiently.
Turn ons: Fidelity, willing strength, loyalty, self confidence.
Turn offs: Enviousness, jealousy, weakness, self hate, materialism.

This or That:

Water or Wine: water
Cats or Dogs: dogs
Chocolate or Vanilla: honey
Coffee or Tea: tea
Phone or Personal: personal
Sour or Sweet: regional dishes and specialties

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