Basic Profile:

Name: Beshine
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Sexual Preference: Straight
Zodiac: Pisces


Height: 5'6" (1.68m)
Weight: 130 lbs (59kg)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Build: Athletic
Ethnicity: European
Pubic Hair: Bald
Measurements: 237 ∞∞∞
Breasts Weight: Fans and followers know, these numbers continually grow !


Things to do: Reading, dancing, rollerblading, doing Sports...
Clothes: Jeans, sexy underwear, dresses, everything in my closet
Car: AMG, Porsche
Food: Love all salads, vegetables and fruits
Drink: Latte macchiato, water and tea
Place: Where the Sun is shining
Music: Electronic, chill out and house
Color: Pink and white
Movie: Too many to list, but for example Dirty Dancing, Lord Of The Rings
Movie genre: I like animated movies, action, love, comedy and horror
Actor/Actress: Leonardo Dicaprio, Cameron Diaz
Snacks & sweets: Chocolate


Color: Brown
Food: Sushi and seafood
Drinks: Beer

Other Details:

Studies: I have done my high school graduation and have studied energy and environmental management in which i have received my diploma
Pets: I have a super sweet dog
Hobbies: Traveling, I like listening to music, rollerblading, dancing, reading and I go to the gym. I also love to collect shoes and bags and ... PARTIES !
Personality: I'm very optimistic, lighthearted and passionate. I have a good sense of humor and I am all times smiling
Valued qualities in others: Honesty, sense of humor, patience
Turn ons: Self confidence, willing strength, nice perfume, big boobs
Turn offs: enviousness, jealousy,

This or That:

Water or Wine: Water
Cats or Dogs: Dogs
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Coffee or Tea: Tea and Latte Macchiato
Phone or Personal: Always Personal
Love or Money: Definitely LOVE, but you cannot buy foods with love so a little bit $ too
Sour or Sweet: Sometimes sour and sometimes sweet
Mac or PC: Mac

What can we expect in the coming year ? Any new projects ?

Surprise, surprise. But I can say I am planning anytime anything.

You have a membership based site. What's inside your members area ?

As a Member of my website you get full access to Full HD Videos, High Definition Images, and HD Movie Streams. You have optimized access for your tablet computer and smartphone and you also get personal content from my candid snapshot collections. The content on my site is 100% exclusive and was created on beautiful places and locations all around the globe. So as a member of my site you are a part of Beshine's world. You also get full access to Busty Porn. Easily sort the most relevant Busty Porn to satisfy your Big Tits and Giant Boobs cravings and watch all our Busty Amateurs Gone Wild, Busty Teens and Busty Petite girls showing off their big boobies, doing amazing titty drops, taking nude selfies.

Tell us something amazing we still don't know about you.

No, I do not. :)

Do you like partying and getting wild a lot or are you more quit a dinner / cocktail kind of a person ?

I can be the wild partying girl with the super tight top, sexy pants and high heels, but I also love dinners or cocktail parties. I think the mixture makes it up.

Did life thought you a lesson ?

You life and learn.

What is your biggest fear ?

Global warming, natural disasters and it's frightening when certain weapons fall into the wrong hands.

Do you have any hobbies ?

Fitness and sports. I also like to listen to music especially electronic music. I love to travel around the globe and visit beautiful places and learn more about other cultures. And shopping, shopping and shopping ;)

What is your favorite photo set and why ?

There is no specific set that I prefer. I really like all my photo sets. Each has something special for itself, which reminds me of the beautiful place and the great time that I spent there.

What is your favorite part of your body ?

Guess? I think it is not difficult to find out. :) One tip... I can't even keep my hands from them now and anytime I want to get them bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger...

With breasts that size, how do you find clothes ?

Although it is not easy, but those who seek shall find. Tops must either be very big and wide or narrow, and very elastic. Pants and other bottoms I buy in ordinary shops. My bras are custom made by a tailor

How heavy are they ?

They are very heavy, e.g. it happens from time to time that my bras crash when I'm at the gym doing exercises. Even wearing 3 bras at one time doesn't help. So it's important for me that I always have a replacement bra with me, no matter where I go or what I do.

What kind of implants do you have ?

My current set of implants is totally custom made. They work similar to expander implants which can be filled with saline to expand. But the difference is that the shell of my implants is made of a special designed material which is much more elastic and durable. This gives me the possibility to add more fluid to the implants to reach more extreme sizes as a result. Because of the new shell it's later possible when a requested size is reached, that the inserted saline will be replaced with a fluid which gets silicone implant like after some time. This is perfect for longtime and permanent use so i don't have to worry about leaking etc in the future.

Where can other women who are interested in gigantic breasts sizes get these implants ?

You or your doctor can not order this type of implants. These implants are not made by any known manufacture. They are specifically custom made for my needs.

Have they ever turned into something uncomfortable ?

Yes. For example, sometimes simple daily activities can be challenging. Things like tight spaces, in a car or an elevator, plane or cinema seats which have appeared normal those days when i had much smaller boobs, are today sometimes a big challenge for me.

How big were those magnificent boobs originally ?

I was an A Cup before the first set of implants was installed.

How many surgeries did you have ?

A had 3 surgeries until my current set. Now i get fill ups which means saline will be added to my implants. This procedure will be repeated until i have reach my requested size. Then the saline will be replaced with a permanent fluid. But at the moment i have no limit in size and how big i want to get but I will let you know when i have reached my goal.

Do your breasts get in the way ?

Sometimes, for example after a new fill up when they are grown again, I have to get used to the size. Of course it is hard to put on shoes or shave legs if you do not see your own feet ;)

Does your back hurt ?

No, but exercises for the back are very helpful.

How do you sleep ?

Naked or not naked, who knows !? But I like to sleep braless because my boobs need a lot of space and so they can move how they want. Yes, sometimes it seems they have an own kind of mind. Sleeping on my stomach is no longer possible and on my back too because of the weight. So sleeping a bit sidewise is comfortable.

What about in public ?

What can I say ? I can not hide it. I don't want to hide. I attract attention. I'm different. Sometimes you hear a giggle, or just starring, sometimes negative words. Often women hate me. Guys are mostly speechless or think I'm a porn actress. But, I have no time for intolerant people so I'm not interested in those peoples opinions. I do what i like. It would be boring if everyone were the same.

Tell us something about the most weirdest / funniest / most shameful thing that happened to you and had to do with your big boobs

It is always an adventure to be in public places like airports, shopping miles with such big boobs. But I always have a lot of fun. So here and there happens funny or sometimes shameful things.

Why to have the worlds largest augmented breasts ?

I'm not a person who wants or needs to be in the media, press, or on television. I'm trying to live a relaxed and peaceful life. I also never went out for a biggest boobs title like that. It just happened. I just wanted to have bigger and bigger boobs and the boobie greed monster in me never stopped being greedy and hungry. So sometime ago when I reached a certain size, fans from all over the world started to tell me that I have the largest augmented boobs. That's cool and sounds interesting and it seems that I have reached a milestone. But for me the most important thing is, that I follow my inner voice and I currently have not reached my goal. My fans know what that means ;) Check out Busty Porn website with even more Big Boobs babes, gorgeous ladies from around the world that have a Giant Boobs and big tits.